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Engineering Design & Construction

Our roots in engineering and construction. As such, we provide comprehensive design and construction services with focus on safety management and quality control. Over the past decade, we have constructed 113 vertical facilities ranging from simple latrines in remote areas for the United Nations to complex, multi-phased compounds for the U.S Army Corps of Engineers. These facilities required horizontal and infrastructure work which include development of over 96 kilometers of airstrips, roadways and bridges, construction of 5 generator power plants, connecting over 84,000 linear meters of water and waste water distribution line, and running over 8,600 linear maters of electrical wiring to service the building we constructed.

Our service in Engineering Design and Construction include but not limited to;

  • Master Planning
  • Survey and Mapping
  • Architectural Designing
  • Structural Design for buildings, bridges and towers
  • Mechanical design; HVAC & plumbing, including implementation services
  • Electrical Design and implementation, including fire detection and alarm system
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Management and Services
  • Construction Services for any vertical and horizontal structures, such as buildings, towers, highways, etc.
  • Repairs and renovation of facilities
  • Design and Build construction projects
  • Engineering consultancy for residential and industrial buildings